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When we eliminate the pests outside, at their source, most interior treatments are unnecessary. Interior treatments, if needed, are free, unlimited, and are customize to your homes specific needs.

Pest exterminators provide the utmost quality in professional pest control & management programs maximizing public health protectioin against infestations of general, structural & ornamental pests using protocols, techniques and materials that yield timely and effective protection while demonstrating minimal adverse effect upon the environment.

Why pests invade our homes and buildings

There are many things that homeowners or owners of other buildings can do to help prevent pest invasions without using pesticides.

Pest control Conducive conditions refer to conditions that may either cause or indirectly lead to an infestation of a pest. For example, some conducive conditions relate to such things as rot, possible rodent entry points into the home, or conditions that make carpenter ants feel welcome when looking for a nesting spot. Listed below are several Pest control conducive conditions, why they may be a problem for your home or building, and what you can do to remedy the situation:

Pest control Conducive Conditions: Tree or shrub branches are touching the siding or roof of the building.

How to maintain our homes and building from pests: Carpenter ants or rodents use branches to avoid insecticide or rodenticide treatments. Tree branches are like highways for ants or rodents, and they readily use them to gain access to the roof. Shrubbery against your building can also hold moisture against siding, exacerbating the rot process and inviting carpenter ants and moisture ants inside.

How to get rid of pests: Cut back all vegetation away from the building at least three feet. Consult with Local exterminators. In some instances it may be best to remove the tree/shrub altogether.

Pest Control Conducive Condition: The siding of the building is in contact with the soil.

Why ants invade our homes and buildings: Soil/siding contact will rot siding and invite carpenter ants, moisture ants pavement Ants, Odorous House Ants, and occasionally termites.

How to maintain your home and buildings from pest infestation: You must dig any mulch or soil away from siding, deck posts, deck staircases, etc. Provide plenty of clearance (3” or more) from the bottom of the siding to the soil so that the building foundation can be clearly seen. The soil or mulch landscape must then be graded away from the building so water does not accumulate against it.

Pest control Conducive Condition: Soil or mulch slopes or is graded toward the building.

What to look for when maintain a home or building from ants: Water flows against the siding causing decay and possible flooding of the basement or crawl space.

Attic and Crawlspaces are rodents ideal place to nest.

Attic and Crawlspace clean-ups and securing to prevent infestation in the future. Excluding access points, sanitizing affected areas. Our goal is long term control. We will warranty our work for a year.

Rodents and other animals love to nest in our homes, particularly our attics and/or substructure crawlspaces resulting in serious compromises to our hygiene and costly damage to insulation, wiring and other structural components. Compressed and shredded insulation drastically reduces its R-factor equating heat loss and increased heating expenses.

How to get rid of ants: The soil or mulch landscape must be graded away from the building so water does not accumulate against the building.

Pest control Conducive Condition: Gaps around the crawl space (under the building) access doors or holes in foundation vent screens.

What to look for when maintaining your home or building from Rodents: This allows rodents easy access to your crawl space under the building where they will damage the plastic vapor barrier, insulation and wiring with their feces, urine and constant chewing. They often go unnoticed until eventually finding a way into your living space.

How to get rid of Rodent: Make a new crawl space access door that fits properly. Damaged foundation vent screens must be either repaired or replaced. Use galvanized ¼” hardware cloth for the screening material. Depending on the type of foundation vent frame, use stainless steel staples, screws, or all weather heavy duty adhesive to attach the screen.

Pest control Conducive Condition: Soffit vent screens that vent the attic (often called bird vents) are either missing or damaged.

What to look for when maintaining your home or buiding from Birds,bats and rats: Birds, bats and rats enter the attic, causing damage, odor and potential health issues.

How to get rid of birds,bats and rats: Re-screen the problem areas with galvanized ¼” hardware cloth. Use stainless steel staples or screws to attach the screen.

Pest control Conducive Condition: Stinging insect like bees, wasps, hornet and yellow jackets.

How to maintain your home or building from stinging insect: Dark corners eves, Holes with voids, Trees, branches to close to your home or building which attracts pests.

How to get rid of bees, wasp, hornets and yellow jackets: Gutters must be cleaned regularly. In fact, even if there aren’t that many leaf-dropping trees around the property, it is surprising the amount of debris that can accumulate in gutters and downspouts.

Bed bug pest control Conducive Condition: Bed bugs are a result of travel in high traffic areas like motel. Knowing your surrounding will play an important part in preventing bed bug problem

How to prevent a bed bug infestation: When travel make sure you stuff is not mix in the other peoples stuff, Inspect the beds in motel before you sleep in them, When you get back home from travelling make sure you wash and isolate travel bags, preventing to the invitation of bed bugs.

How to get rid of bed bugs: We will find the bed bugs and make sure that they are terminated from your home or building. Call us now or go to our contact page to schedule your free estimate right away.

Pest control Conducive Condition: Wood or other items are stored against the building.

Maintain your home or building from Carpenter ants: “Stuff” or wood against the building creates harborage areas for a myriad of insects including carpenter ants. Carpenter ants love to be in and around any stored firewood and often want to move into the adjacent building.

How to get rid of carpenter ants: Make sure all items (especially any wood) are stored away from the building. If space is an issue, at least make sure any items are pulled out a foot or more, so that the foundation can be clearly seen.

Pest control Conducive Condition: Cockroaches often are a health threat. Habits and high reproductive rate of pest cockroaches can lead to large populations spreading disease organisms, contaminating food, causing allergies, and even worsening asthma.

What to look for when maintaining your home or building from Cockroaches: Cockroaches can fit into surprisingly small spaces. The most common pest species, the German cockroach, can hide in spaces as small as 1.5 millimeters. Seal off all cracks, nooks, and spaces around trim and baseboards, pipes (where they meet walls), shelves, cupboards, cabinets, sinks, and bathtubs using caulk and/or paint. Focus on areas where your sticky traps captured the most roaches. Before you seal off the cockroach harborages, clean the areas with a vacuum, soap, and water (this will make roach control chemicals more effective) and treat the cracks and crevices with any roach-killing product that can be worked into tight spaces. This will prevent cockroaches from living to seek out new harborages.

How to get rid of Cockroaches: Most of cockroach infestation in seattle Washington are a result of them being carried from a variety of material we bring in our home or building. Walk around your house’s perimeter with a caulking gun and fill in every crack, crevice, and hole you spot. Look around wires and pipes entering the home, around outlets, lights, and vents, areas where siding meets foundation, and at corners. Apply bug screens to all vents, weather stripping to all doors and windows, door sweeps to doors, and patches to holes in window screens. Finally, keep a clean, dry border around your home. Pick up leaf litter, remove thick vegetation and/or mulch, move wood piles back, and keep plants trimmed well back from the siding and roof. If the outside of your home is less habitable, it’s less likely cockroaches will find their way in.

These are just some of the many conditions conducive to pest infestations that occur on a regular basis. Some fixes are quick, easy and inexpensive; others may be difficult and require outside professional help. If you have one or more of these problems please don’t hesitate to ask PEST EXTERMINATORS for advice on a solution. We’re here to help.

Pest Warning Signs and Prevention Tips

Earth to Wood Contact Firewood & Other Wood Debris/Piles Foundation Crawlspace Ventilation Garage Doors Outdoor Crawlspace Access Pet and Bird Food

Rockeries Roof Gutters/Downspouts Standing Water Stumps, Logs and Railroad Ties Vegetation Against House

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