How do you get rid of a bird in your house?

Birds like to nest in places like the eaves, roofs, gutters, vents and other places around your home. To create the perfect nesting area they dig holes in roofs and can get into attics and other spaces.
Bird droppings can corrode house siding, other types of metal or the paint off of cars. Droppings make sidewalks and driveways slippery and just generally ruin the look of your home. Pigeons in particular can make a huge mess on pavement and patios and bring a hose of health concerns.
Plus, there are health risks, thanks to the parasites that many of them carry, and from the droppings.

Birds nests harbor insects and mites which live as scavengers on the nest material, or droppings, or as external parasites on the birds. #pest control service#seattle pest control # seattle exterminators #bellevue exterminators #Eastside exterminators #Eastside pest control

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